Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Who cares if Lefties want to be Miserable

Gotta love logical, common sense, right sided thinking writers and pundits... forever trying to figure out the mental condition on the 'left'. In America, "their" guy is squattin' in the W.House. The leftist Dems are the majority in congress since 2006... so American Lefties should be THRILLED and HAPPY, right? ... So why aren't they?

I know someone who took his family to the W.House easter party. He is advocating for term limits to be abolished. I think he really wants dictatorship in America. This brainwashed person thinks truth and 'right' or conservative common sense is just propaganda and everything is peachy keen. I asked this person I was searching for the answer to "what policy (in general) has been implemented by current Washington that benefits all Americans (in general) without raising any taxes?" My friend got angry I dared asking this question and stated there are unexplained grey areas (some other nonsense) and ended with my question is faulty so he refused to answer. I think he got angry because the answer is NONE.

If you don't believe America is exceptional, is just so horrible and the cause of all the woes on earth. Fine, GET OUT and go LIVE IN CUBA. Enjoy the dictatorship and a government who owns everything and doles it all out. HAVE A GREAT TIME!

Others with recent theories for Lefty unhappines:

Rich Karlgaard at Forbes thinks he knows "The Real Reason For Lefty Malaise"

"Since the 1960s, American and European lefties have wanted two things that are inherently in conflict in a free society. One is greater economic equality. The other is an aggressive multiculturalism--and please do not confuse contemporary liberal multiculturalism with the 18th century notion that all humans are created equal. Post-modernism calls the shots today. It demands that all human expressions and lifestyles, foolish or not, must be treated equally. If anything, so-called victim opinion must be accorded greater respect. Thus rap music becomes art, Aztec science was as good as European science, and female genital mutilation is not for Westerners to judge.

These two lefty wishes--greater economic equality and aggressive multiculturalism--may live together peacefully in college English departments. But they are impossible to reconcile in the real world. That’s why modern Western lefties will forever be frustrated."

Rush Limbaugh wonders "Why the Liberals are So Miserable"

"You don't even have to run into liberals personally. You can just see all over the place they're miserable. Now, you would think they'd be ecstatic. I mean, they won the election, they got Obama in there, they're doing everything they want. They got health care, they got their stimulus, they got TARP, they got two stimuli, three. Unemployment benefits have been forever extended. Of course until last week. Yet they are miserable, and I maintain that one of the reasons they're miserable is that they finally got it and it's not working. All of these decades of utopian dreams they've had, they have believed that all of this has never worked in the past simply because the right people had not yet been in charge and they hadn't yet spent the requisite amount of money.

Well, now we're what? We're $14 trillion in debt, Obama wants to go even more in debt. The rest of the world is saying, "Ain't no way, pal. We're not doing your way. We've done it your way for 50 years and we're dying out here," and health care is a mess. There's a story today about the administration is going nuts here trying to implement three months into it. They don't know what they're doing, where they are. It's a giant mess. Nothing about it is working. We all know this, but they've had these dreams. "We are the ones we have been waiting for!" "

Michael Barone at National Review ponders "Why Obamacare Is Unpopular?"

"This view animated the New Deal in the 1930s and appealed to the non-property-owning majority. Franklin Roosevelt sowed the idea, harvested by the New Deal historians, that an ever-expanding government was both good and necessary.
Democrats were referencing this when they said they were “making history” by passing their health-care bill.

Their problem is that the America of the progressives and New Dealers no longer exists. Government home-finance programs helped make us a nation of homeowners. Technological progress and deregulation improved transportation and communications and made the necessities of life less costly, enabling citizens to accumulate significant wealth in their working years."

"The polls and the post-2008 election results show that the purported beneficiaries of the Obama Democrats’ programs are unenthusiastic about voting and people with modest incomes are trending heavily Republican. The only enthusiasm for the Obama Democrats’ policies comes from David Brooks’s “educated class”: people who are or identify with the centralized experts tasked by the Obama Democrats with making decisions for the rest of us.

Unfortunately for the Obama Democrats, they, unlike property owners, are not a majority in today’s America."


  1. Hi Lisa...enjoyed reading some of your blog tonight. I can't remember how I landed on your blog, think I was looking for some "cartoonish" pictures of Obama and saw that one you have of Soros and the ventriloquist dummy Obama. :)

    Anyhow, enjoyed your blog, heck, these days I enjoy any conservative input, breath of fresh air! Keep up the good work, hoping for HUGE wins in November and the death of Liberalism!

    Jeff M. / Georgia - USA

  2. hi Jeff, thanks for stopping by...

    I blog to keep my sanity but there are lots of great conservative blogs/news sites out there these days.

    If you want weird/funny/crazy graphics, check out:

    I can see November from New Zealand ;)

  3. Hah...that site " is excellent, thanks for sharing the link! Great pics and cartoons, can never get enough "poking fun" at the Idiot In Charge at our White House.

    Have a great day, thanks again Lisa.